Core Services

Business Advisory & Due Diligence

Companies with weak internal controls and/or inefficient business processes, run higher risks of fraud and resource wastage. Internally developed controls and processes are often limited by the experience of internal staff. An external perspective can help to craft policies and processes based on best practices.

Besides internal reviews, we assist external Investors interested to find out more about a company before investing or buying stakes, by performing due diligence exercises. Based on the concerns of the investor/buyer, we can tailor a set of due diligence procedures to investigate and address specific concerns and also assist to identify potential risks to an investor, which may not be immediately apparent from the financial statements.

Internal Controls Review

Assistance in the set up and/or review of internal control, with identification of weaknesses and offer solutions to improve.

Shared Services Centre (SSC)

Setup and/or transfer of SSC functions, locally or cross border.

Process Streamlining

Map and review of internal business processes, to identify potential areas of improvement in terms of efficiency and reduction/elimination of process redundancy.

Due Diligence

For investment, merger and acquisition or other specific purposes.