About Us

About APTA

We were first established in 2007, and since then, we have been providing quality one-stop business consultancy and solutions, ranging from company incorporation, accounting, audit and assurance, taxation, business advisory and corporate secretarial services. Our clientele base is diverse and ranges from local SMEs to multinational corporations, hailing from China, United Kingdom and United States, to name a few.

1st December 2014 represents a significant milestone in our progress, with the renaming to APTA. This was to reflect our discontinuance of membership with one of China’s largest domestic accountancy firms, in order to embark towards establishing our own professional identity.

Our vision is to be the trusted business partner for corporate and accountancy services. We strive to achieve this through high quality and value added business solutions, delivered with our signature attentiveness.

Our Name and Logo

APTA is the transliteration of the Sanskrit word आप्त , which stands for “Trustworthy”. This is the most important of the 3 core values forming the foundations of our firm:

Trustworthy    Integrity    Harmony

Each of the 3 blue squares in our logo represents a core value. It is not a coincidence that our choice of the colour Blue in itself, commonly symbolises the very same 3 core values.